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YouTube Has 1.8 Billion Active Users Logged-In Monthly


YouTube Has 1.8 Billion Active Users Logged-In Monthly

Individuals and large companies live on numbers and what they can show users online.  That is one of the most important metrics everyone is looking for including YouTube.

Just recently, YouTube, revealed that it already has 1.8 billion monthly active users. A value that is within reach of a few.

The numbers now unveiled were presented by Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of the largest Internet video service in the YouTube Brandcast event.

This value contrasts with previous data, where YouTube was with 1.5 billion users, in June last year. The data was also presented at the time by the YouTube CEO itself.

It should be noted that these numbers only include authenticated users, thus leaving out those who watch the videos without logging in.

The magnitude of these numbers can only be understood if compared with those of other Internet services. The social network giant Facebook, for example, claims for itself 2.2 billion monthly active users.

In addition to revealing these figures, the YouTube CEO also addressed other issues, revealing that new programs will be created within this service and that several of the platform’s abuse issues are being addressed.

With 1.8 billion active monthly users, the most used video platform, YouTube confirms that it is one of the most used platforms on the Internet and that it has no rival to its height. These are unique numbers and they are hard to match.

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