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Techinfo is always on the lookout for professionals, CEOs and experts who can contribute good, quality content on the following areas ;

-Adsense,affiliate marketing and other adnetwork Tips (ideas and developments)

SEO & BACKLINKS (ideas and development)

–Android and iphones review like

–Software development and Gaming

–Telecoms e.g. Mtn Glo tips(how to check your Mtn data balance) e.t.c.

–Wordpress and blogger tutorials e.t.c.

These are the guidelines you must follow to submit guest post

  • Make sure the content you are sending is 100%,anything apart from that will be disqualified because we have tools for checking original contents
  • Make sure your website isn't promoting hard drugs or pornographic related materials
  • You will not be allowed to include more than two links
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      • Your name as the writer
      • Give you ways on how to improve your blog and your blog will be thorougly reviewed
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