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WhatsApp gets chat filters, restrict groups and several new features

Whatsapp Is Testing A Feature That Would Allow Users To Lock The Record Button

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WhatsApp gets chat filters, restrict groups and several new features

As we all know, WhatsApp which is the most popular messaging app in the world continuously gets new features added to it every now and then. Rumors indicate that another set of features may arrive on WhatsApp in time to come. The features include restrict groups, request info and chat filter.

WhatsApp is also getting some brand new features such as an announcement feature, and a change in ‘Delete for Everyone‘ feature. Here is a list of all features that are set to be added to the WhatsApp messaging platform.WhatsApp gets chat filters, restrict groups and several new features

WhatsApp new features

1. Chat filters

The Chat filter feature allows users search for a particular word using a set of filters. WhatsApp has been working relentlessly to resolve this issue of finding a particular chat, most especially in groups. Users will need to hit the Search icon where they will find a filter list which will allow them apply several filters such as broadcast messagesunread chatsor groups but it seems like this feature may only be restricted to WhatsApp Business app.

2. Change in Delete for Everyone

WhatsApp has once again increased the maximum time limit for a message to be revoked. From sources, when a user taps on ‘Delete for Everyone‘ in a group message or private message, it will be deleted if the recipient gets the revoke request within 25 hours 8 minutes and 16 seconds. The maximum time limit for this feature was previously 24 hours.

3. Restrict group

WABetaInfo talked about a new feature that will give more power to the group admins. According to their report, WhatsApp Restrict group feature will allow only the admins of the group to send out messages. All other members of the group can only read but are not allowed to reply to the messages. If a member wants to write a post on the group, then he will have to chat with the group’s admin in private.

4. Instagram and Facebook videos

This update comes to iOS users. WhatsApp is now allowing users to watch both Facebook and Instagram videos within WhatsApp. This means that iOS users can now click on an Instagram or facebook video link and play it within WhatsApp instead of going to the respective app.

5. Request Info

In addition to the features, WhatsApp will allow users download all their WhatsApp data including media files and chats using the Request info feature. Users can import and export their WhatsApp data to another app.

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