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The Black Dot of Death is crashing iPhones

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The Black Dot of Death is crashing iPhones

The Black Dot of Death is crashing iPhones

Do you remember that WhatsApp message that crashes the application and affects your Android phone each time you view or tap on it? Well, according to reports, there is now a message that has the ability to crash any iOS messaging app. This threat which has been labelled ‘Black Dot of Death‘ now affects iOS 11.3 and beta versions of iOS 11.4. This new bug can paralyze an iPhone’s Messaging app and not even reboot will fix it.The Black Dot of Death is crashing iPhones

According to a report from Mashable channel, the threat was created by the EverythingApplePro YouTube channel and just like the WhatsApp bug, the message contains a thousands-characters-long string of invisible Unicode text that is not visible to the user. Once the user opens the message, the messaging app simply gets locked. The Unicode text is too much for the Messages app to handle, causing the app useless, crashing anytime the user tries to launch it.

Closing the application does not solve any problem, as the user will have to delete the message from another device. For those users with 3D Touch iPhones, there is a option to allow the app icon for a few seconds, then choose the New Message option and delete the previous message.The Black Dot of Death is crashing iPhones

Despite all the efforts from Apple, the real truth is that iOS 11 has shown several bugs and signs of vulnerabilities. Although, Apple has tried all that is in their power to address this issue by putting updates on this version, there seems to be a number of bugs on the iOS 11.

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