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What is a Sponsored post?

sponsored post, also known as a promoted post, is a post to any community-driven notification-oriented website which is explicitly sponsored as an advertisement by a particular company in order to draw a large amount of popularity through user promotion and moderation to the most active or most viewed page on the website.

Sponsored posts are also promoted blog entries or posts that contain links that point to the home page or specific product pages of the website of the sponsor for which the blogger receives compensation in the form of money, products, services or in other ways”. They are also known as paid posts or sponsored reviews.

We at TechInfo, promote Individuals, organizations, firms, stores and company products/services through sponsored posts and articles that are either written by us or our advertisers. You can make good use of our site’s traffic to reach out to the world and advertise your goods through posts. Sponsored post could include Images, Video clips and your contact information, it all depends on you.

Sponsoring a post will get your information to be permanently placed on this blog, shared out to readers as it will be passed along through RSS feeds and newsletters.

Note: All links in the article will be live and connected to your site, but WILL NOT pass PAGERANK.

Every sponsored article will remain live on this site as long as this website exists. The duration is indefinite! Again, we will share your post on our social media channels and our email subscribers too will get to read your article.

Who gets to write the sponsored post? 

I and/or my sponsors write the posts based on information that my sponsors provide alongside my personal review.

If you’d like to submit your own high quality and original article, I will be glad to accept that and edit as necessary.

What is the cost for a sponsored post?

The cost of a sponsored post is $40

How can I pay?

Pay to the following bank account number;

  • Name: Johnson Udoka Daniel
  • Bank Account Number: 3117634894
  • Bank Name: First Bank of Nigeria

After paying the money, kindly send a post notification to the following;