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Send and receive payments using VoguePay

Send and receive payments using VoguePay


Send and receive payments using VoguePay

VoguePay is an online payment platform that allows you send and receive cash online. If you are into bitcoin, VoguePay is one of the best platforms for sending and receiving bitcoins. VoguePay accepts payment through any card transactions, bank transfers and USSD in any currency.

Unlike Quickteller, Zoto and TopUp Africa, VoguePay can easily integrate payment into your website using their simple API documentation or plugins or extensions. It also supports WordPress, Joomla, VirtueMart, WHMOS etc. Now, you might ask yourself, “why should I go use VoguePay?”  VoguePay has its uses and features which we are going to look at now.Send and receive payments using VoguePay

Why you should send and receive payments using VoguePay

  1. You can send and receive money in any currency. VoguePay’s global coverage allows its users to safely make and receive payments in all major currencies, regardless of location.
  2. You happen to get a preview of your sales, revenue and cashflow with detailed reports. They also send a weekly performance report to keep you updated.
  3. Their ability to accept any payment in bitcoin, makes it worthwhile. You can also receive donations, setup subscriptions and receive one-time payments.
  4. With their simple API , you can start receiving payments from all kinds of cards for both local and international transactions.

How to start sending and receiving money with VoguePay

  • Open your device browser and type voguepay.com in your address bar and press go.
  • Click Get started or Signup.
  • Fill up the form and a verification link will be sent to your email.
  • Open your email and verify your account by clicking on the link.
  • After signup is complete, it’s time to send and receive money.

To send and receive money, you can either fund your VoguePay wallet to use it for making payments or add a bank account for cash withdrawal. To add a bank account or wallet, go to your dashboard and click on My Account. A drop-down list will appear, click on Add Bank or Add Funds.

Among other things, you can integrate whatever you want into your WordPress, Joomla etc. VoguePay is used as a means of payment for sites like BetaFlip and NNU, so, if you are using this site I advice you to create your own account in VoguePay.

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