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Meet Sarco, the world’s first death machine


Meet Sarco, the world’s first death machine

It’s not a good thing to talk about death but have you ever thought about how your death would be like? It is part of the human nature to talk about death because it marks the end of every human’s life. If we were asked to choose between a painless death or a painful death, we will all choose the former over the latter.

A certain Dr. Philip Nitschke, who also goes by the alias, Doctor Death has created the first suicide machine in our generation. This machine is made by 3D printing and it is named Sarco. Dr. Phillip Nitschke plans to bring the death assistant to the whole world by uploading the plans of the death machine to the internet so that anyone would be able to download and use.

Before you will be able to download, print and use the death machine, you will be required to fill out a form online to verify your mental fitness. If your form is approved, you will receive an access code valid for 24 hours to get the plans.

Sarco works using hypoxia which means reducing the amount of oxygen needed to breathe in by injecting liquid nitrogen into the compartment. The brain and then the rest of the body gets, confused, agitated and choppy breathing, immense sweating, increased pulsations and finally, consciousness is lost.

The process does not sound very good but the Dr assured that the process doesn’t take up to a minute for a human to die in style. To activate this process, just go into Sarco, lie down and press the button when we you are ready. Dr Philip Nitschke explains it for Huffington Post, “Sarco is painless. There are no hot flashes or suffocation because the oxygen level drops slowly. The feeling is of well-being and intoxication.

Meet Sarco, the world's first death machine

                 Dr Philip Nitschke

However, this is all theory because Dr Philip Nitschike has not carried an experiment on the Sarco. One major benefit of the Sarco is that it is biodegradable, like the corpse.

In 1996, Dr Nitschke carried out his first euthanasia and firmly believes in assisted suicide. Nitschke believes that Sarco helps people talk about death from a natural and practical point of view without fear, unfortunately, someone had to do it. Death is a very important issue and it is already legal in places like Australia, Victoria and believe in the right to end a life in a voluntary way.

I know that this topic is kinda weird but what do you think about this machine. Do you feel that it should be released? Have your say in the comment box below.

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