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Jumia Affiliate Program: Start Earning As A Blogger

Jumia Affiliate Program: Start Earning As A Blogger

written by Johnson Daniel April 25, 2018

The main reason why some individuals or company open a blog, might be to make money from the blog, most bloggers know about Google Adsense, if you are the type that can’t wait for Google Adsense to review and approve your blog then you can try out this affiliate program that I’m about to talk about. It is not as easy as it seems because you need to drive a huge amount of traffic to your blog but there is no harm in trying, if you want to monetize your blog and you are looking for an affiliate program, then I’ll recommend “Jumia Affiliate Program” to you.

What is Jumia Affiliate Program?

Jumia Affiliate Program is a way whereby bloggers(not only bloggers) advertise Jumia’s product using banners or link generator on their blog, to earn some percentage on all orders a customer makes within some days from clicking the ad placed on your blog. Like I said earlier, it is not really easy to get people to click on the Jumia ad placed on your blog but it is also not impossible to get people to click on your ad. Some Jumia affiliates are testifying of the good rather than the harm that they’ve gotten from the Jumia’s Affiliate Program.

Jumia Affiliate Program: Start Earning As A Blogger

How to become a Jumia Affiliate

  • Go to affiliates.jumia.com;
  • Click on “Register” and fill out the details, it’s so easy to fill out considering how short the form is;
  • Login after successfully creating the account;
  • Place one of their ad banners on your blog; and
  • Start earning!
Most professional bloggers who know about this affiliate program can tell you all how this pays them, so if you are new to blogging and you can’t wait for Adsense, try this out and if you can get it right, you should earn big.

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