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How to use auto reply message on WhatsApp

Auto Reply message on WhatsApp


How to use auto reply message on WhatsApp

Over half of the smartphone users in the world, have WhatsApp service installed on their devices. As the rise in the usage of this messaging service increases, more and more features are being added to the service.

An average person, can have at least 20 contacts on WhatsApp and can be part of some groups. Of course, we all know that if you are not the interactive type, most of your messages will come from group chats. But for those who are the quite the interactive type, then most of your messages can come from your contacts.

Sometimes, you can be chatting with 2 or more people at that very moment, but you can’t keep up with all of them at once. There is a feature on WhatsApp called Auto Reply Message. This feature enables you to allow WhatsApp reply any person that sends you a message on WhatsApp. This comes as part of the upgrade on WhatsApp, but for a mod version of the app, called – GBWhatsApp. This is not to say that it doesn’t work on the normal WhatsApp messenger yet. As we are still checking for this feature on it.

Auto Reply message on WhatsApp

How to use auto reply message on WhatsApp

  • Download GBWhatsApp v6.40 here
  • Install and launch it
  • Click on the three dots at the top-right corner of your screen
  • Go to GB Settings
  • Search for Auto Reply Message and tap on it
  • Toggle it on
  • Click on the + sign at the bottom of your screen
  • You will be taken to another screen, where you will required to set how your auto reply message will when someone contacts you
  • After you are done filling your Auto Reply Message, Delay Message, Receiver, Specific Times, Specific Contacts/Groups and Except Contacts/Groups options
  • Tap on Add

Note: You can delete the auto reply message by long-holding the tab and tapping on delete message.

For those of you who don’t have any idea on what to write there, try this out. Hello, thank you for messaging me now, I’m not currently online, but I’m sure to respond to this message as soon as I come online. It’s not really the best but it does not mean that you cannot come up with your own auto reply message. If you encounter any difficulty, let us know via the comment box below. You can also join our WhatsApp group here.

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