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How To Take Screenshots On PC

How To Take Screenshots On PC


How To Take Screenshots On PC

Have you ever wondered how to take a screenshot on your personal computer? I faced the same question some while back and it really taunted me. I asked myself that since an Android Smartphone can take a screenshot, iPhone can also take a screenshot and even Blackberry phones can do that as well, then why can’t I do it with my PC? I began to make researchs, and it was all in vain until one fateful day, I got hold of my PC, and I began going through the PC until I came across a software called “Snipping Tool” that takes screenshots on PC.

How To Take Screenshots On PC

Snipping Tool is actually a screenshot utility that comes in virtually all Windows including Windows Vista. It is a utility that can take screenshots of an open window, rectangular areas, free-form areas and the entire screen. There are other tools that takes screenshots on a computer which can be downloaded online, however, you do not need to install any third party app because Snipping Tool comes with all Windows.

How to use Snipping Tool to take screenshots

  • Go to your “Search Windows”;
  • Type “Snipping Tool”;
  • You can decide to Run it as an Administrator or you can Pin it to your Taskbar if the case may be;
  • Open Snipping Tool;
  • A window should pop-up with some options – New: Delay: Cancel: Options;
  • To take the screenshot, go to the selected page or window that you would like to capture, open your Snipping Tool and click on New;
  • After clicking on New, a cross should appear on your screen, hold your right-click button on your mouse track-pad or your mouse and drag the cursor. Place the cross on where you would like the soon-to-be screenshot-ed page window to start from, to end it just drag the cross to your preferred ending place and leave your cursor.
Though there are some ways which you can use in take screenshots on your PC using Alt + Print Screen and Windows + Prt SCN  shortcuts, it doesn’t work on all computers but Snipping Tool works on all computers. Enjoy!

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