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How to hack Daemon Tunnel VPN

How to hack Daemon Tunnel VPN


How to hack Daemon Tunnel VPN

John Vincent created the famous Daemon Tunnel app and he is also the creator of Psiphon handler. This app is known for its great tools for hacking that a future hacker would love to have. It is currently sold for $10.

An ordinary user can’t access the Daemon Tunnel app without it being hacked. The Daemon Tunnel app can be said to be all VPNs in one VPN. Why? You may ask. Simply because, It has the tools of HTTP Injector VPN, Shadowsocks VPN, Psiphon VPN, KPN Tunnel, Epoxy and a host of others.

In this post, we are going to save you the trouble of spending a dime for the Daemon Tunnel VPN. Simply because, we’ve actually found a way to hack the Daemon Tunnel app without spending a dime all thanks to the LTN crew. All that is required on your own part is your full lack of concentration.How to hack Daemon Tunnel VPN

Before we proceed, you will need to meet up to the following requirements, they are;

  1. A rooted device.
  2. Daemon Tunnel app – Download here.
  3. Uret Patcher – Download here.
  4. Xposed Installer – Download here.How to hack Daemon Tunnel VPN

Now that you’ve met the requirements, it’s time to do some hacks.

How to hack Daemon Tunnel app

  1. Install Daemon Tunnel.
  2. Launch your Xposed Installer app.
  3. Go to “Module” and enable the “Uret Patcher” app.
  4. After enabling the “Uret Patcher“, go to your Uret Patcher app.
  5. Go to “SPOOF“.
  6. Look for “Hardware Serial“. Before you do anything, make sure you copy down your current serial number.
  7. Delete your current serial number and type in this one there – 0037467492. Hit “APPLY!”
  8. Soft REBOOT your device for the changes to take effect properly.
  9. After REBOOT, open the Daemon Tunnel app.

That is how to hack Daemon Tunnel, without this procedure, the Daemon Tunnel app will never work on your phone. We are going to share all the apps needed for this tweak on our Telegram channel. You can join the channel by clicking here. Enjoy!
Note: If you do not enable the Uret Patcher app in the “Module” of your “Xposed Installer”, it won’t work.


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