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How To Get Over 1000 Likes On Facebook Daily

How To Get Over 1000 Likes On Facebook Daily

written by Johnson Daniel April 28, 2018

Facebook which has over a billion active users daily is one of the most famous social networking platform. Having over a 100 likes in a single Facebook post is a dream for some people and it is also a normal thing for some people. For the past couple of years, I didn’t seem to get up to a 100 likes and I often wondered how can I get so many likes without relying on my friends, because I don’t seem to have lots of friends on Facebook?

In recent weeks, I stumbled upon this auto-liker site called FB Reacts | Facebook Autoliker, it is pretty easy to use and it works. Before we go into the tutorial on how to get unlimited likes on Facebook, make sure your privacy settings is set to “Public” as well as Followers settings to “Everybody”. Make sure that anyone can like and comment to your posts.

How to get free Facebook auto reactions on your posts

1. Go to fbreacts.com.

2. Tap on “Login with Facebook”. You will be asked to fill in your Facebook login details, fill it and you’ll be redirected to submit your likes.

3.  Choose what you want to get likes on, in this case, I’m going for a photo.

4. Choose the album in which your intended photo is.

5. Below the photo, you should see “SEND REACT!”, click on it.

6. A pop-up should appear, you can change your react type to anyone of your choice.

7. You should get a notification saying that ‘Reactions request has been completed

The reactions are free and it can be done only once every 20 minutes. Did you just try it out and did it work for you? Kindly share your experience below.

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