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How to get free Facebook likes with KpLiker

KpLiker - Get 200 Facebook likes per submit


How to get free Facebook likes with KpLiker

KpLiker is a Facebook auto liker tool that sends likes to your Facebook posts and pages. This liker service is one of the most trusted service in the region so far. We’ve run a couple of tests on this tool and it seems to be working fine.

KpLiker is an upgrade of the other tool that was unveiled in one of our topics, some few weeks ago – how to get 1000 Facebook likes daily. The auto liker tool that was mentioned in the post, gives a maximum of fifty (50) reactions every fifteen (15) minutes, But KpLiker gives 200 likes for every submit, although we’ve discovered a bug in the likes but you still benefit from it anyway.

KpLiker tool is the fastest, Facebook Exchange Tool That Helps Users To Increase Likes, Comments, Followers etc On Their Facebook Posts, Photos & Profiles.

Note: The truth about this liker tool is that, when a Facebook user uses the auto liker service, he or she gets what they want but you will begin to like other people’s post without even knowing about it.

Before we jump into the main part of our topic, I advise you to have this issues fixed;

  • Make sure your Facebook privacy settings is set to “Public”.

If your Facebook privacy is set to “Private”, you won’t be able to receive likes from KpLiker. Now let’s get started!

How to get 200 Facebook likes per submit with KpLiker

  • Go to this website or you can download their Android app – here
  • Click on GET SESSION TOKEN. You will be taken to another window, just tap on Click Here To Continue.
  • In the next window, you will be required to type in your Facebook login credentials (Facebook E-mail, Username or Mobile number & Password). Do that and hit CONTINUE.
  • Copy the code beneath your login details and tap on GO BACK.How to get free facebook Likes with KpLiker
  • Paste the code in the login box and LOGIN.
  • You will be redirected to your dashboard. This is where you can now get the likes you want.How to get free Facebook likes with KpLiker
  • If you want followers, click on Auto Followers, if you want likes, click on Auto Like. In this case, I will use the auto like tool.
  • After clicking on the Auto Like tool, you will be taken to a page where all activities on your Facebook timeline will be shown.
  • If you want to get likes on your photos, click Photos.
  • Choose the album where the target photo is.How to get free Facebook likes with KpLiker
  • Click GET LIKES. A pop-up will show, and in this case there are two things that you can do. The first thing you can do is reduce the amount of likes and send or you can just send likes without reducing the amount. How to get free Facebook likes with KpLiker

Always bear in mind that there is a limit to the number of likes you can send and that number is 200. Kindly share your experience using the comment box below, thank you.

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