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How to download Xender for free

How to download Xender for free


How to download Xender for free

Xender is an app that is uses Wi-Fi connection to transfer files, especially large files within a short time. Gone are those days when mobile phones use Bluetooth to share files. Of course, Wi-Fi connection has been a revolution since the advent of Android smartphones (iOS, PC included). The Wi-Fi has may uses, and one major function of the Wi-Fi, made the Xender app available for use today.

How to download Xender for free

This is an app that doesn’t need any introduction, as it is the most used app for file transfer (especially large files). But do you know that you can actually download the Xender app for free? No cost at all and it works on all devices (both iOS and Android). Before you would be able to download Xender, you must have some necessary tools. Here are some things required for you to download Xender for free of charge.

  • Two Android/iOS devices. One with Xender app installed while the other without Xender app.
  • Browsers like Chrome browser/mCent browser/Browser/Mozilla Firefox should be in the device without Xender app.

Steps on how to download Xender for free

  • Open Xender app on your first device, click on the icon at the top left corner of the screen.
  • Click on the option – Share Xender to other phone.
  • In this window, you should see QR code, Invite (Nearby) and Invite (Remote) options. Look underneath the Invite (Nearby), and click on HOT SPOT.
  • This should take you to another window, where it clearly states Hotspot invite with instructions.
  • Now, turn on the Wi-Fi of the second device, and connect to the Hotspot.

Note: The Hotspot’s name should look like this – Xender_JoinMedf8e.

  • After the connection has been successfully established, open your device’s (second) web browser.
  • Input the following address you see on the first device in the address bar of the second device, and hit enter – (This is the address that belong’s to my device’s Xender).

How to download Xender for free

  • Immediately after hitting enter, you should see a get Xender for your device. Simply hit download and the latest Xender app will download to your device for free.

I hope you tried this tutorial just now. If it worked for you, kindly leave a feedback in the comment box below to share your experience.

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