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How to create an Android app in just two minutes (no coding)


How to create an Android app in just two minutes (no coding)

AppsGeyser is a web platform that allows the conversion of any web content into an Android App in 2 easy steps. They have been built to help people to transfer their ideas into apps.

This platform has been helping and has helped thousands of website owners create their own Android app for their site in a matter of seconds. Truth to be told, Techinfo‘s app was made using AppGeyser. It is easy to create an Android app and the best part is that, it is free to create an Android app for your device. Having an app is a very good thing for you because, you can monetize the app and get some cash for it.

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However, Appsgeyser doesn’t only allow you create an app for a website, it also allows you create;

  • A messenger app.
  • A custom internet browser.
  • A Pedometer app.
  • A Photo Editor app.
  • A Mahjong app.
  • A Media Player.
  • A Book Reader.
  • A Find The Pair game.
  • A Music app.
  • A store app.
  • A mobile TV app.
  • A radio player app.
  • A blog app.
  • An RSS app.

The main reason why it is free to create an app with AppsGeyser is that they monetize through transparent 50/50 revenue share on advertisements. So they only profit when you profit and interested in your success.

How to create an account on AppGeyser

  • Head on to Appsgeyser.com.
  • Tap Login that can be found on the top corner.How to create an Android app in just two minutes (no coding)
  • Go to the Register tab and sign up using either your Google account, Facebook account or Email address. I advice you to sign up using either your Google account or Facebook account, because it doesn’t require you to set up a password and it helps you have an easy access to your Appsgeyser account.
  • After all that, log in using one of the methods for logging in.

How to create an Android app for your website using AppsGeyser

We are going to use a blog as an example for creating an Android app but you can also create any type of app of your choice.

  • When logged into your account, tap CREATE APP.
  • Select the type of app that you want to create, in this instance, I select a Blog.
  • Select the blog type, enter the blog URL and blog title. Then press NEXT.
  • Type in the app name and press next.
  • Type in your app description and set your app icon.How to create an Android app in just two minutes (no coding)
  • After all that, tap CREATE APP.

That’s all. Now, it’s time to publish your app with the Google Playstore being the best place to publish the app. Here’s why you should publish your app on Google Playstore.

  • All Android phones come pre-installed with Google Play that’s why consumers have instant access to Google Play apps. 95% Android app installations come from Google Play.
  • Ability to monetize your app.
  • One of the largest and biggest app stores and the most popular store for Android apps and games to date.
  • Helps you distribute your Android applications to users around the world.
  • A suite of developer tools that let you analyze installations and identify market trends.
  • Robust and secure platform! No viruses and malicious software malware threats.
  • Easy app submission process.

How to earn money from your App

1. Publish your app on Google Play

To monetize an app made in AppsGeyser, you have to publish the app on Google Play Store.

2. Select AdMob or MoPub ads network

Create an account if you do not have yet

3. Enter banner ids in a form below and click Save

If your app reaches 100 installations and you have not submitted any Ad code, there is 100% of Appsgeyser’s advertisements in your app.

Before you can publish the app on Google Play, you would be required to pay a one time $25 registration fee. When you pay it, then you can publish as many apps as you want on Google Play forever. Here’s a video on how to publish an Android app to Google Play.

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