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Glo complete list of data plans and subscription codes

Get free 6GB data on Glo Yakata


Glo complete list of data plans and subscription codes

Data prices are very expensive at the moment. Even the Grandmasters of Data, are not so much of that these days. We were all happy when Glo increased their data bundles from 3.2GB to 4GB for just N1000,back then, they were keeping up to their reputation. Unfortunately, the joy was cut short when the Grandmasters of Data slashed the data bundles by 50% for the same price. We’ve taken our time to list out all data plans for Glo at the current price. Glo’s data plans range from daily, weekly, monthly and flexi plans to blackberry plans including plans for blackberry 10 devices.

Glo complete list of data plans and subscription codes

To buy data plans from Glo, dial *777# and follow the prompts to choose the current plan of subscription and you can also check your data balance by dialing *127*0#.

Glo Data Bundles And Prices

Normal Plans

  1. N25 – 10MB
  2. N50 – 22MB
  3. N100 – 80MB
  4. 200 – 210MB
  5. N500 – 800MB
  6. N1000 – 1.6GB
  7. N2000 – 3.65GB
  8. N2500 -5.75GB
  9. N3000 – 7GB
  10. N4000 – 10GB
  11. N5000 – 12.5GB
  12. N8000 – 20GB
  13. N10000 – 26GB
  14. N15000 – 42GB
  15. N18000 – 50GB
  16. N20000 – 63GB

Flexi Plans

  1. TGIF N500 WEEKEND PLAN(N500) – 3GB
  2. N200 NIGHT PLAN(N200) – 1GB
  3. G 100(N6000) – 4GB
  4. G300(N15000) – 12GB
  5. G-Leisure(N5000) – 12GB
  6. G-Work(N6000) – 12GB

Glo Campus Data Booster

  1. N100 – 100MB(off-campus gives 100MB, on-campus gives 225MB)
  2. N200 – 200MB(off-campus gives 200MB, on-campus gives 450MB)
  3. N500 – 500MB(off-campus gives 500MB, on-campus gives 1.12GB)
  4. N1000 – 1GB(off-campus gives 1GB, on-campus gives 2.25GB)
  5. N2000 – 2GB(off-campus gives 2GB, on-campus gives 4.5GB)
  6. N5000 – 5GB(off-campus gives 5GB, on-campus gives 11.2GB)

After taking a very good look at those data plans, you should be sure to choose the best data plan that is suitable to you. Do not forget to share with your friends!


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