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Get a Free Working Host For Your ISP Today!

Get a Free Working Host For Your ISP Today!


Get a Free Working Host For Your ISP Today!

Getting free internet surfing requires proxy servers. Anyone can have a good configuration but not a working proxy server. If you have the knowledge of getting a working proxy server, you won’t need anyone’s help in getting free configuration settings. This tutorial that I’m going to show you today, is applicable on any Internet Service Provider(ISP).
There are different kinds of proxy servers but we’ll talk about Web Proxy. A web proxy server acts as an intermediary between a device(computer) and other servers i.e it connects our internet enabled devices to the web. The default configuration from our ISP programmes the proxy server to establish connection to the web only when we have data on our phone, but when we run out of data, the firewall blocks our connection or sometimes redirects us to a page asking the user to buy/subscribe to a data plan. The page that the user was redirected to is a free page and this page does not use up any data or call credit. As you all know, you can use that free page to bypass the firewall and trick our Internet Service Provider into getting free internet.VPN and Tunnelers: Most VPN are not tunnelers but 90% of tunnelers are vpn . A vpn is an app that encrypt your internet connection and hide your online activities from your ISP while a tunneling app bypass your ISP’s firewall to gain free internet connection. A vpn can only use your data subscription to encrypt your network connection but it can NEVER  provide you with free internet. On the other hand, a vpn that tunnels(tunnelers) can provide you with free internet. A vpn that tunnels if configured properly, the tunneling part forces an injection through your ISP firewall to give you free internet. Once the connection is established, your ISP can easily notice the huge traffic  coming from your connection because you would surely be browsing and downloading and  this is when the vpn parts comes in. The vpn hides your online activities, data usage and changes your ip address so that your ISP wont be able to track or trace you.

 Examples of VPNs are Express vpn(one of the best vpn’s), tunnel Bear, Cyberghost, Hotspotshield etc. Examples of tunnelers are Hex vpn(recommended), Netloop, Finch vpn, Psiphon vpn(basic) and Psiphon handler(advance), Your-Freedom vpn, NMD, Droid vpn, Troid vpn, open vpn and the list to these tunnelers goes on.
 Please I have to say this, if you are a blackberry user and you are not on android OS then I urge you not to even think of free browsing because even Java user’s have advantage over you. Iphone and Windows users can actually benefit in a limited way while Java and Symbian users can also benefit using handler apps. The people that enjoy every crony of free internet
 Note: I wont be discussing the handler part of these tunnelers because the topic would be quite bulky and advance. The handler part involves extra-configurations that are advance and involves port scanning, getting proxy servers that can force a strong injection. All these would be discussed in the next part or in the free ebook at the end of this post.
So What IS A Subdomain Method?
Well, if you’re blogger I know you will surely have broad knowledge of this likewise every webmaster because it is something that has to with domain. So a subdomain method is simply a method use to get every host site on a particular domain provided the domain can be access for free of charge. And we always used them whenever ISP block the transparent domain and then getting their subdomain which are still very much alive to establish the connection again. And sometimes we do called it a reverse domain/ip but I decided to name it this term (subdomain) because I have feeling that many will quickly grap where I am heading to.

So now let’s have an example and how such works. Now in this tutorial, we’re making use of host remember we spoof them back then using this host. We will now try and find the subdomain or rather the domain hosted or reliable or link to Glo Nigeria | Unlimited . And this is very needed whenever you’ve a working transparent host and your ISP blocked it e.g As you can see, we’ve 3 different subdomain listed on query. And the second domain with name has more and greater tendency to work.

So what I am saying is that, you can also use an already blocked host by your isp using their subdomain and sometimes you will be wondering whenever an host got blocked by our dear ISP e.g using any social media data pack to power them up. And later you may start to see domain name like e.g ,, and many others to power those social media pack again and it may turn out to work well. Though it is not magic because they did make a query on the host using it subdomain name to get another working host using the same

So now that you’ve a broad ideas on a reverse domain/ip or subdomain(name after me).

How To Get Your Host Subdomain Name?
Well it is very simple straightforward in fact doesn’t require a software or app for it but instead just a site to visit and that’s all.
So visit and then look and click on the reverse Ip Domain Check.

Get a Free Working Host For Your ISP Today!

So from there, just clear the text in the provided space bar and input your own host to fetch out it subdomain for free internet access as you can see in the screnshot below.

Get a Free Working Host For Your ISP Today!

So now the main problem faced by many is how to used them on different app tunneler to make free internet access on your ISP. Well let me say this, it is very simple and straighforward but always remember the properlity of getting free internet access is always 50/50% chances or luck. Well if you’re simply have the mind to ask why, lols because that is how it works.

Now How To Configure Them Using Any Tunneler Of Your Choice
However these host can works properly using psiphon tunneler, xp Psiphon, simple server, droid vpn, hammer vpn, and many other. There are simply some apps that can used host directly without remote server/IP and they are mostly consider a better choice for host that fails to germinate anything with simple dialect tunneler like psiphon and the other. But we shall cover that in our upcoming post by God grace.

Since we do have our subdomain host as for reference making.
So we this host either proxy server or host.
Well getting the right proxy server at times maybe quite frustrating and let me give you this tips. Remember when we did fetch out the query you will notice an IP beside in the screenshot above and the IP can also be used to establish connection using the subdomain name and this is what I called mask host. So you can either use this as your IP and port address on your psiphon tunneler at the more option using either port 80/8080 as the most recommended port used to establish proxy range connection.

So here Is A Manual Configuration On How To Used This Host With Psiphon And Other Vpn Tunneler Respectively.
Since we do have our host as .
So we’re to use this as our host on psiphon with settings
Proxy server= video(dot)
Proxy Type= That depend on what the host is requesting for but it is better to choose (Real Host) as your proxy type since we’re not making use of proxy sever or ip here but if we do, then it is most likely for the connection to request for (Reverse Proxy) as your proxy type so don’t be confuse since we’re only making use of host around here.
Real Proxy Type= usually can be left as default
Then save and connect your psiphon.

Or Can be Used As IP and Port
just to include the host in your IP and port by going to the more option of your psiphon tunneler, and tick to use the following settings.
Remember I said the IP beside the can be use as a proxy server which is what I want to demonstrate now.
So use
port= can be either 80/8080

If the host is working it should properly connect and sometimes it requires patience over and that’s the most common mistake many free internet cracker do make, because we’ve different type of host and some don’t respond quickly to data packet signal and that’s the reason why some unveiling free internet tips recommend you to at least wait for 3-5 min before the connection could be successfully establish. And sometimes the most frustrating part is that, it may start to read but won’t connect and what happens here is that it is telling you to introduce a working proxy server.

Now this part is very tricky and quite hard to find a working proxy server as it is one of the most discussed issue in free internet access cracking.

And remember we haven’t yet cover some aspect that deals majorly with connection protocol and what I meant by internet protocol are tcp, udp, HTTP(popular one) ssl, ssh and many other and this is one of the biggest secret one’s need to know when cracking free internet access as it enlightens you more on the type of connection required by the host to establish a successful connection.

So Don’t you forget to like, share and drop your comment. And also feel free to drop any idea or suggestion because they’re all appreciated.


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