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BetaFlip: Buy and sell websites in Nigeria

BetaFlip: Buy and sell websites in Nigeria


BetaFlip: Buy and sell websites in Nigeria

BetaFlip is one of the fastest growing marketplace for the buying and selling of websites in Nigeria. This platform connects thousands of people that are looking to buy or sell a blog. There are other places that you can buy or sell websites, for example, Flippa, sedo auctions etc, but they are foreign marketplaces. BetaFlip is owned by a Nigerian with a goal of becoming the most trusted marketplace for the buying and selling of websites.

It is currently located at Bdpa Uniben, Benin, Edo state, Nigeria. BetaFlip is more than a market place, it is a place where you can find the right buyer for your website, buy the right website for an affordable price and so on. Let’s quickly take a look at some of BetaFlip’s features.BetaFlip: Buy and sell websites in Nigeria

Features of BetaFlip

  1. One major feature of this online marketplace is it’s 100% Customer support that it has.
  2. If you do not get what you want, you can quickly ask for a refund.
  3. You get to make a deal at the best price.
  4. BetaFlip will assist you with verifying a site’s traffic and earning claim before making a purchase.
  5. You will be guided with the payment process and transfer of the website and even after that.
  6. Your website’s worth can be evaluated.

How to buy or sell Websites with BetaFlip

First of all, you need to sign up,

  • Go to
  • Click Get started or Login.
  • On the next window, you will need to fill up the sign-up form.
  • A verification link will be sent to the email you used in registration after you have filled the form. If you do not see the message in your inbox, check Spam.
  • Open the mail and click on the activation link. Upon activation, your account will be created.

Now to sell website in BetaFlip, you need to click on Get started. There are two website listings available when you try to sell a website, they are Free listing and Paid listing.

  • Free Listing: Free Listing is a process that does not involve any payment when trying to put up a site for sale. Underneath the free listing, there is a Starter website and Established website. Starter websites are websites with no history of income, while established websites are websites that have made or still makes profit.BetaFlip: Buy and sell websites in Nigeria
  • Paid Listing: Paid listings are vetted. There are 3 different packages under this paid listing, they are: Bronze package, Silver Package and Gold package. The name says it all, you get to pay for putting up your site for sale using any of the paid listing packages. The Bronze Package gets your website listing on the front page for 2 weeks, this package costs N2500. The Silver Package gets your website listing on the front page for 3 weeks. The Gold package gets your website listing on the front page for 4 weeks.

Note: Website listings with suspected false claim of earnings and profit should be flagged by users, this is to help buyers know bad listings and stay away from them, If a listing gets the maximum amount of flags(13), it will be taken down & the seller’s account deleted.

To buy a website, you need to click on ‘Buy’ and a list of websites that have been put up for sale will come up. Simply click on the site and all of the site’s information will show. This information includes the website name, description, net profit, price, age, reason for selling, page-views among others. Simply click on CLICK HERE TO PAY. You will be taken to a new window, in this window, you will be asked to fill up a form. Fill up the form and select ‘I am buying a website‘ and click continue to payment. On the next window, you will see a space-box where you will need to enter the amount you are supposed to pay and click on PayWithPay. If the website listing is false, you can simply flag it.

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