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Apple Is Forcing Its Users To Start Using Apple Pay

Apple Is Forcing Its Users To Start Using Apple Pay


Apple Is Forcing Its Users To Start Using Apple Pay

Apple Is Forcing Its Users To Start Using Apple Pay

One of the main novelties that came to iOS 11.2 was the tech giant Apple’s ‘Apple Pay’, the mobile payment service of the American company that adds to the fashion of using our phones as virtual wallets. The problem comes when they begin to overwhelm you to use this service, and this is what the tech giant Apple is doing, annoying users to start using Apple Pay.
It has been the prestigious newspaper The Wall Street Journal who has reported this problem that several users are reporting. And what does this harassment by the tech giant Apple consist of so that you start using Apple Pay Cash? Well, in a red circle that appears in the Settings icon located on the home screen.


Do you see a red circle on the iPhone screen? It is for you to use Apple Pay

Once you touch the icon, an Apple message appears reminding you that you have to give your credit card number to start using your mobile payment service. Do not want to use Apple Pay? Well, we are afraid that you will be with that red symbol on the home screen until you decide to add a credit card.

Obviously, it is an aggressive campaign by the manufacturer based in Cupertino to get their new service boost. Currently, according to the company specialized in data analysis 451 Research, 34 percent of new users of an iPhone link their card to start using Apple Pay during the initial configuration of the phone. But Apple wants more.

Apple gets a lot of performance from its services. Proof of this is the more than 20,000 million dollars that came in thanks to this business. And the company wants to spend 32.7 billion dollars on the change for the fiscal year of 2020. And therefore does not hesitate to squeeze its users to force them to use Apple Pay Cash, or at least link a credit card.
If we take into account that the American manufacturer pockets 15 percent of the amount made with the credit card linked to its mobile payment service it is clear that it is a very lucrative market from which the tech giant Apple wants to take its share of the cake.
For now accounts come to Apple. The company obtained, according to the venture capital firm Loup Ventures, 2 million weekly users since Apple Pay Cash arrived with iOS 11. A figure that demonstrates the good health of the mobile payment system of the manufacturer, although partly motivated for that harassment that users are suffering.

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