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Alternative – Glo free browsing using UC mini handler

Glo free browsing


Alternative – Glo free browsing using UC mini handler

We just can’t seem to get the most out of this Glo free browsing but unfortunately, not all of us are enjoying it. I’ve seen people boast of over 30GB used while some deem it so little when compared to their usage. I can of course boast of about 20GB tops used since when this cheat was discovered.

We’ve all seen the tutorial on how to download large files very fast with Glo using another handler called LTN Handler. Today, we are going to look how we can be able to download large files with Glo using UC mini handler. By now, you are supposed to know the requirements for Glo free browsing. But for the sake of those who have not used the cheat before, here are the requirements for the Glo free browsing cheat.

  • A registered Glo SIM card with and empty account balance i.e no credit or airtime
  • UC mini handler – Download here
  • APN: Gloflat or Glosecure
  • Good 3G network

How to setup Glo free browsing using UC mini handler

Launch your UC mini handler, and configure it as you would see it below;

  • Device User Agent: Android
  • Web User Agent: Opera
  • Referer Type: Real Referer
  • Handler Download Limit: 99999999991
  • Tick Remove Port
  • Proxy Type: Real Host
  • Custom Header: X-Online-Host
  • Proxy Server:
  • Real Proxy Port: 80

Glo free browsingGlo free browsingGlo free browsingGlo free browsing

Note: Do not make any change to any option that was not listed above or else, it won’t work

How to download with UC mini handler

  • Go to the site that you want to download the movie from e.g tvshows4mobile.com
  • Go to the download page of your movie
  • Tap on the download link e.g The 100 – S05E09 HD (TvShows4Mobile.Com).mp4
  • Tap and hold the Continue Download option
  • Click on Page InfoGlo free browsing
  • Look for Link/Page URL and tap on CopyGlo free browsing
  • After that, open a new tab and go to buka.link
  • Delete the http://youtube.com link and Paste the Link URL that you copied into the space and tap on GO!
  • You should see a pop-up requesting you to download it. Just hit download and feel the speedGlo free browsing

There is this tweak that I would like to share with you concerning this Glo free browsing. Do you know that you can actually use a single Glo SIM card to download with two different devices? All you need to do is send UC mini handler to the other device and set it up as you did to your own. Turn on your Glo data connection, turn on your hotspot and let the other device connect to your hotspot. You can now begin to download with the two devices. The best part of it is that, the download speed does not slow down on the two devices.

The download pattern varies, if you want to download from fzmovies.net or any other site, make sure you get to the last point before download. So that, you can copy the main download link and paste in on the web proxy. If you are experiencing any problem, please don’t hesitate to let us know know via the comment box, enjoy!

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