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9mobile Free Browsing For May 2018 Using These App(s)

9mobile Free Browsing For May 2018 Using These App(s)


9mobile Free Browsing For May 2018 Using These App(s)

It’s kinda odd when I hear the 9mobile free browsing because I’m not too familiar with them having free browsing tweaks for long. Well, this month of May is a good month for all 9mobile users and subscribers of this blog, because we are going to see apps and settings that we can use for the 9mobile free browsing of the month of May. Here are some apps that you should download for the 9mobile free browsing;

The Truth on how these apps work

With any of those apps you can enjoy the free browsing tweak using 9mobile SIM card. The tweak does not need any special settings, just install, open and hit connect. If you check this post on how to browse for free with 9mobile, you will have a better understanding on how this tweak works. The real truth about this tweak, is the fact that it uses servers which makes it slow when there is a whole lot of people using that server and that’s why I recommend you download all the apps above. I believe that those apps above, use Shadowsocks servers, if you do not know what Shadowsocks are, I recommend you to checkout this post concerning Shadowsocks and how you can use it for 9mobile free browsing 

9mobile Free Browsing Settings

Download any of the apps above and install in your phone, and download IDM+: Download Audio, Video, Torrents on your phone (only for users who want to download with the tweak)

  1. Open the VPN app;
  2. Choose the ‘fastest server’ and hit connect;
  3. Open your mini browser (UC Mini is highly recommended);
  4. Browse the file that is to be downloaded;
  5. Copy the download link to the file and minimize your mini browser;
  6. Go to your IDM+ file downloader; click here to see how to set the IDM+ file down-loader to enable super-fast download without speed limit;
  7. Go back to the home page of your IDM+ and paste the copied link, you should see a pop-up showing the details of the file that you want to download, just hit download!
I can’t really guarantee you of how fast your own download speed might be, as at last month when I used the Inf VPN, I got over 120kb/s but the download speed suddenly dropped as soon as people got to know about the app. From that observation, I got to find out that what really determines how fast your download speed is, is how many people are currently using the server. My advice to you is that you should use Yoga VPN, because I believe that it is one of the best VPN that you can use with this tweak. Enjoy!

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