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5 Most Secure Ways To Share Data From Phone to PC

5 Most Secure Ways To Share Data From Phone to PC


5 Most Secure Ways To Share Data From Phone to PC

5 Most Secure Ways To Share Data From Phone to PC

Sharing a data connection from one device to another is quite risky as the connection can be hacked. I was once a victim in this case until I figured out 5 unique and very secure way to share my data connection from my Smartphone to my PC(Personal Computer)  without having to worry about hackers. We all know that there is one major way we share data connection from our smartphone to our PC or any other device but before we go into the five ways where we can secure our data connection from phone to Pc, we need to know what this two important terms are: Hotspot(Wi-Fi)  and  Wi-Fi.

What Is A Hotspot(Wi-Fi)?

 A Hotspot is a physical location where people i.e users may obtain Internet access, typically using Wi-Fi technology. There are basically two types of Hotspots in every device in the world, they are; Public hotspots and Private hotspots.

What is a Public Hotspot?

 A public hotspot is a physical location that may be created mainly by a company or in some cases individuals for use by customers, friends & family members and so much more. Public hotspots are typically created from wireless access points configured to provide internet access, controlled to some degree by the venue. It can be accessible within some distance.

What is a Private Hotspot?

A private hotspot is a physical location that may be configured on a smartphone or tablet with a mobile network data plan to allow internet access to other devices using different kind of techniques, including Bluetooth pairing or if both the hotspot device and the device accessing it are connected to the same method.

What is a Wi-Fi?

Wi-fi is a facility allowing computers, smartphones or other devices to connect to the internet or communicate with one another wirelessly within a particular area.
Now that we know what Public and Private hotspots are, it’s time to dive into today’s main topic. 5 most secure ways to share data from Phone to PC(Personal Computer).


5 Most Secure Ways To Share Data From Phone to PC

PdaNet is a free app that allows you to use your smartphone as a modem for your laptop. PdaNet’s android version enables tethering through USB cable as well as over Bluetooth DUN(Dial-Up Networking). PdaNet is one of the top applications of all time when it comes to internet sharing and it is very secure. It works without rooting you phone and it does not require a tether plan, that will save you some cash from most carriers. This is our number 1 because it tethers both VPN connections without any problem. It does not crash and it has bug fixes. PdaNet must be installed on both your android smartphone and your Personal computer in order for it to work.  To use PdaNet on smartphone and PC, you need to download the various apps/software on your device(s) including PC. It is very easy to use PdaNet on both devices i.e Smartphone and PC. First of all, download PdaNet from any of the links below, open PdaNet on your Smartphone and click the type of connection you want be it USB tethering, Bluetooth tethering or Wi-Fi Hotspot.  And enable the type of connection you want on your smartphone. Go to your PC and choose the option you chose on your Smartphone and start browsing. If you do not understand the procedure, kindly watch the video below.

  • Download PdaNet for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (both 32/64bit) here or download for Mac OS (5.0 or above) here.
  • Download PdaNet for Window/Android/Mac devices here.


5 Most Secure Ways To Share Data From Phone to PC

This comes second in our pecking order because only the specified PC gets to use this connection. This is one of the features of the PdaNet we shed some light on in the first option above. Unlike the PdaNet, it does not require any app as it seems to come with almost all android phones and it is very secure because if a device is not connected to your Smartphone, then the data connection cannot be used by any other device apart from the connected device. To use this method;

  • Connect your smatphone to your PC;
  • Go to your “Settings”;
  • Under the first column of settings click on “more”;
  • Click on “Tethering and Portable Hotspot”
  • If your Smartphone is connected to a PC, then toggle on “USB tethering”, wait for 10-15secs until you see, something like a “Desktop Icon” instead of a Wi-Fi signal on the dock of your PC screen.

This method is quite easy and simple as you do not need to worry about hackers in your area. I mean who can hack this? LOL!

3. WPA2 PSK Hotspot With 1 User Maximum Connection

5 Most Secure Ways To Share Data From Phone to PC

This method is quite funny and very much secure like the rest. You might be wondering why this is not number 1 in the pecking order. The reason why it is not number 1 is the use of hotspot(wi-fi) which makes it liable to password hacking. What makes this technique unique is that once your connected device is connected, no other device can connect to the hotspot because the maximum user connection is set to 1 instead of the normal 6. To use this method;

  • Go to your “Settings”;
  • Under the first column of settings click on “more”;
  • Click on “Tethering and Portable Hotspot”;
  • Click on “Wi-Fi hotspot”
  • Click on “Set up Wi Fi hotspot” and click on the “Reset OBB”. It should reset your phone’s hotspot settings to default;
  • Now, the only change that you should make is the “Maximum connections”. Change it from 6 to 1 user.

Though, i’m still yet to use this method, but it cranks me up.

4.  No Password setup Hotspot With 1 User Maximum Connection

This method is similar to method 3 but it doesn’t require security password for your hotspot, though it’s hackable but once your specified device is connected, I don’t think that there is any type of hacking that the hacker in your neighbourhood will try that will make your device’s hotspot liable to hacking. To use this method;
  • Go to your “Settings”;
  • Under the first column of settings click on “more”;
  • Click on “Tethering and Portable Hotspot”;
  • Click on “Wi-Fi hotspot”;
  • Click on “Set Up Wi Fi hotspot” on “Security” and set it to “None” instead of “WPA2 PSK”;
  • Now, change the “Maximum connections” from 6 to 1 user.

This is my best method because I use it to prank my friends each time they tell me to turn on my hotspot.

5. Bluetooth tethering

This is another method of sharing data connection from Phone to PC, although this is a feature of PdaNet, but it doesn’t require an app.  To use this method;

  • Turn on your device’s bluetooth and your PC’s bluetooth; If they’ve not been paired, then pair the PC and your device’s bluetooth.
  • Go to your “Settings”;
  • Under the first column of settings click on “more”;
  • Click on “Tethering and Portable Hotspot”;
  • Click on “Bluetooth tethering”.

This method is cheeky and also cool. The Bluetooth acts as a disguise, because who on earth connects his device to a bluetooth connection? No one right?

After a long review on this post, I’m sure that you must know one or more tricks to share your data connection with your PC. PdaNet is the best because it can tether both ordinary and VPN connections which makes it unique, though you might not need it maybe because you do not browse with VPN. You can leave a comment to tell us how one of the trick is working for you.
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