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5 Altcoins For A HODL Portfolio

5 Altcoins For A HODL Portfolio


5 Altcoins For A HODL Portfolio

Cryptocurrency investors are in a interesting spot right now. Some are deep in underwater holding leprechaun sized bags of obscure alts and December priced BTC while others deftly surf along the corrective waves of the tumultuous crypto sea making quick profits from day and swing trading.

Bitcoin and alts have taken quite the haircut, transforming handfuls of day traders into holdrs and also forcing many of those who purchased during the euphoric November 2017 rush to inadvertently become holdrs too. Volume is down across the board but all is not lost. Downturns such as these provide plenty of time to research, reassess investment strategies, touch up on technical analysis and develop purchasing plans that will have you well situated for the next rally.
If you are new to crypto and have a relatively empty wallet, this could be the best time to purchase this year.

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