Top 10 wordpress plugins you must install in 2017

2017 plugind

2017 plugind
2017 plugins
One of the main features which make wordpress the best blog creating engine is PLUGIN.

We have 100 thousand of plugins in wordpress dashboard unlike blogger in which one have to code tirelessly before you do something meaningful,you have no problem because wordpress plugin will do it all for you

Here we are going to list the top ten plugins you must download in year 2017(top wordpress plugins) for proper functionality on your blog. We won't give you the download link because you may want to search more about it on google so immediately you search the first link you see is the download link


An image of Quiz plugin
An image of Quiz plugin

With this plugin you can stop spam comments and it works 100%.You provide a question for each post or page,visitors must answer the question correctly to comment, unless they have post publishing capabilities.
Commenters must answer a question correctly before their comment will be accepted. This cuts down on spambots, and can also be helpful with troll-control.

This plugin adds a question/answer to your comment form. Authors can write a new Quiz question and answer for each post, fall back on a default question, or have no question at all.

Answers are checked by a caseless comparison. So spelling must be correct but uppercase letters do not matter. Short answers of one or two words are best and punctuation should be avoided.

Questions should be crafted to check that the commenter read the post. So a post about your dog might have the question "What is my dog's name?" and a gallery post might ask "What brand of beer appears most often?"

You can enter multiple correct answers, separated by commas. For example, if you enter:

6, six, half dozen

Either "6" or "six" or "half dozen" will be accepted as correct.

Logged in users with the ability to publish posts (Authors, Editors and Administrators, normally), do not have to answer the question in order to post a comment
Many people don't know about this plugin and it is a very nice plugin you must download and

2.Google Analytics +

Tracking how and when users visit your site is important if you want your site to gain popularity since it gives you the opportunity to see where you can make improvements to your site.
Google Analytics is an excellent tool for this purpose and the Google Analytics + plugin brings this information right to your admin dashboard and the tool also display lates search and pageviews e.t.c.

Not only can you track visits, page views, bounce rate, average visit duration and referrers, but you can also enable advanced settings to track your site’s demographic and interest for advertising as well as analyze shopping behaviors to boost your products’ performance.

Also, you can easily track statistics for your entire site or network with the quick setup and easy to understand display throughout days,weeks,year e.t.c

3. Capability Manager Enhanced


The plugin is majorly for any WordPress Subscriber who have admins and registered users and wish to limit or add to their roles
Capability Manager Enhanced provides a simple way to manage WordPress role definitions (Subscriber, Editor, etc.). View or change the capabilities of any role, add new roles, copy existing roles into new ones, and add new capabilities to existing roles. Now supports capability negation and role networking.

4. Jetpack

Jet pack at work
Jet pack at work

Jetpack is the one plugin you cannot run a blog without. From Related Posts, share buttons, Publicize, Comments and the subscription system, to site stats and site monitor, you will love Jetpack too. They also have awesome happiness engineers who will help you with all your issues at thesame time

Jetpack offers a suite of powerful features for your WordPress site. Enhanced security, improved site performance, plenty of content tools, and visitor engagement features are all part of this plugin.

Additional features include spam-free Comments, Social Sharing, Related Posts, Post by Email, and much more.

Jetpack even offers a mobile theme option that is lightweight and responsive, designed for phones and tablets.

5. Akismet

Askimet plugin review
Askimet plugin review

On popular websites, the amount of spam comments could get as high as 85%. This means out of every 100 comments only 15 are legitimate. Comment moderation is a time consuming task, and Akismet can save you hours.

Akismet will catch spam comments before it lands in your moderation queue as pending. This allows you to focus your energy on moderating comments by real users
Akismet helps to filter out any comments on your blog that look like spam. The plugin automatically checks comments against the Akismet Web service.

All comments will have a history for users to view that shows which comments were flagged or cleared by Akismet. In addition, those comments that were marked as spam or unmarked by a moderator will be highlighted in the history.

Interested in 5. Akismet?

6. Google XML Sitemaps

Google sitemap at work
Google sitemap at work

This must-have plugin will automatically generate an XML sitemap for your site. Having an XML sitemap is crucial in helping search engines better index your blog.

Not only that this plugin will generate sitemap but it will also notify search engines each and everytime you create a new post

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo will be notified every time you create a post about your new content. Aweaome right?

7. Social Share WordPress Plugin - AccessPress Social Share

Access press indeed : stylish share
Access press indeed : stylish share

This is indeed a nice social media share plugin ,the plugin is very responsive so i recommend you download the plugin.
Many popular blogs rock the plugin though you may not know if you didn't take a careful notice of it.
Unlike other share plugins access press is highly customizable and deserves 100% rating

All in one SEO pack

The most downloaded plugin for WordPress (almost 30 million downloads) and it is the best plugin for seo 2016/2017. Use All in One SEO Pack to automatically optimize your site for Search Engines First created in 2007,.

Reasons why AIOSEO is the most downloaded plugin for WordPress.

  • XML Sitemap support - submit your sitemap to Google and Bing and improve your SEO
  • Google Analytics support
  • Support for SEO on Custom Post Types
  • Advanced Canonical URLs
  • Automatically notifies search engines like Google and Bing about changes to your site Built-in API so other plugins/themes can access and extend functionality
  • ONLY free plugin to provide SEO Integration for e-Commerce sites, including WooCommerce
  • Nonce Security built into All in One SEO Pack
  • Support for CMS-style WordPress installations
  • Automatically optimizes your titles for Google and other search engines

9.Drop Caps

A drop cap is a decorative element typically used in documents at the start of a section or chapter. It’s a large capital letter at the beginning or a paragraph or text block that has the depth of two or more lines of normal text.
This plugin will automatically beautify the first letter of your topics by re-sizing and bolding it. This plugin will make your blog look very attractive

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