How to add attachments and signature in Gmail

Here is how to add attachments and signature in gmail on Opera and also for android users

Let's just say this post will tutor you to insert attachments and signature to Gmail on all browsers since many browsers too may not support using but majorly i created it for "how to insert attachments and signature" on Operam Mini but it will still help android users too to add signature and attachments

Hello there,are you a java phone user or by chance you use java phone as an alternative and you find it difficult to insert attachments and signature in your mails.

Here is a solution 😛 !!!

We all know chrome,explorer,firefox e.t.c. Are not supported on javaphones and the only two browsers supported are Ucweb and Operamini majorly.

Steps to add Attachments to Gmail

  • Go to instead of the normal or
  • Locate Compose Mail at the left handside
  • Click on it and scroll down a little bit to add your attachments
  • How to add Signature in Gmail

  • Same Url :
    Go to instead of the normal or
  • Locate settings at the header of the page
  • Click it and scroll down to where you will sight signature or use "find in page on your phone"
  • Include any text you wish to serve as your signature at the textarea and click submit at the footer
  • How To Report Spam and move spam topics to spam folder

    Google's Spam filters are always very effective and productive but occasonally some still infiltrate To your Gmail main inbox.

  • Click the down arrow at the top-right corner of your email page and click Report Spam

  • Any messages sent by the spammer again will be forwarded to your "Junk" i.e. Spam folder.
  • Notes: Please don't make the mistake of spamming usefull messages because you may find it hard to Unspam

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