How to cancel autorenewal for Mtn Xtravalue bundle and Xtratalk

Here is how to cancel the autorenewal for both xtravalue bundles

Quite some days ago,my heart was pounding when i subscribed for Xtravalue(xtradata precisely) and was unable to cancel the auto-renewal,i searched for tips on net and was unable to find one.
To subscribe for xtradata,send Damount to 131 e.g. D300 to 131
For xtratalk,send Vamount to 131 e.g. V300 to 131 to subscribe

Now to cancel the subscription or auto renewal, for Xtradata:
send NODAMOUNT(Warning: No space between those words) to 131 i.e. NOD300 to 131

For xtratalk,send NOVAMOUNT(No space too) to 131 i.e. NOV300 to 131

a proof sent from mtn customer care when i chat them up to cancel xtravalue
a proof sent from mtn customer care when i chat them up to cancel xtravalue

With that you have successfuly unsubscribed or cancel the auto-renewal for Xtravalue bundle

If you have any question bothering your mind or you aren't getting the deactivation, please don't hesitate to ask by dropping your comments

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  1. I tried it carefully NOV500 to 131 and I have for many times and days all to no avail.... I don't know what to do because I need to start using my MTN pulse charge rate which hasn't been possible.

    any alternative

  2. I have send NOV500 and tried N0V500 several times daily for about a month but kept receiving a message that they are processing and l will get a response soon. Still waiting after. It's quite frustrating


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