4 things any blogger who want to be the next "linda ikeji" should aim

4 things any blogger who want to be the next "linda ikeji" should aim

We all know to be a top blogger in Nigeria isn't easy,you will write! write!!! !!!

So you want to be the next linda ikeji? 😀 Believe me you can't start with a free domain like she did so take that off from your mind o ;D ,even bloggers with domain name never make am.

Do you want to be the next famous,next rated or popular blogger in Nigeria?here are the things you should aim

1.My blog must rank at least below 500,000 in Nigeria on Alexa

Alexa seems not to be very accurate again unlike before,all their focus now is to make money since it is a product of Amazon,we can't certify our blog free and by october 20 or below, we will no longer be allowed to display widgets on our blog.

Notwithstanding they are still manageable since we have no alternative,it is the dream of every blogger to rank high on Alexa.

Incase you don't know the only tip to rank high on Alexa is traffic,other ways you see on internet are just to give you hope. Ranking high on Alexa is not easy o,it is a competive game and that's what make it a tedious task infact the person writing article is nowhere to be found when we talk of alexa but you must do your best to get your blog listed as one of the top blogs in Nigeria.

The linda ikeji you are aiming to be like her, her blog is ranked 12 on Alexa so work towards your alexa ranking.

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2.I must Publish Atleast once in a day

An adage says "Tailor that will design clothing for one,we will properly examine the one she is putting on" .

Linda has laid a very good example,she publish atleast 5 times in a day so yours shouldn't be different except you are blogging on niches that recquire many words.

3.Connecting with top bloggers and their blogs

I was once a victim of underrating the power of connecting with top bloggers and their blogs also writing guest post :-\, When i mean connecting with top bloggers,i don't mean on twitter only but it's part of it(Follow us on twitter @techinfong)

*Subscribe to their newsletter
*write guest post on their blogs
*Link to their blogs

Well we've listed the top ten blogs here
With this you can easily get their attention and they may even promote your blog.

4.Follow top celebrities on social media

This is the tip that really helped Linda ikeji !!
Most of those celebrities are having millions of followers,one day they may wish to follow back. How many views do you think you can get from someone having a million followers?

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