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Here we are going to discuss how to play talking drums,alujos,how you can keep your talking drum safe and the price of a talking drum

talking drum playing with alujos
A talking drum is an important instrument in churches and also used in various Owanbe parties which entertain many people.
Talking drums are very very essential and that's why we are writing about it on our blog

What is a Talking Drum?

According to encyclopedia,it is the hour glass shaped drum for west African whose pitch can be regulated to Mimick the tone of Human speech

The history of the talking drum i.e. Talking drum history

For many years, the talking drum has been noted as one of the symbols of the old west African tradition still used in churches and an instrument of music indigenous to the Yoruba culture of western Nigeria and Benin republic and Ghana.

However, the talking drum is more than just a cultural artefact or a musical instrument.
The talking drum in yoruba is known as Gangan.

What are The things you need to start playing talking drum?

  • Courage
  • Practice Daily
  • Keep focused
  • Strength

How can you keep your talking drum safe?

    • Hang After Use


  • Keep out of children reach
  • Sun dry it at least once in a week
  • Dont't beat the edges
  • Avoid anything like Water
  • Tie the rope around it tightly after use



Parts of a talking drum

  • Osan - The creamish part arranged in sequential order
  • Beating stick - Known as opa or kongo
  • Towel - For hanging the drum

How to Play Talking drum

Please have it at the back of your mind that talking drum isn't easy without proper practice and we have tonic solfas for Gangan(talking drums) too.

These are the tonic solfas .
¤ DO - You don't need to stress yourself,just hit the drum face i.e. Oju ilu without touching the Osan

¤RE - Touch the osan a little bit and hit gently

¤MI - Press the Osan with force and play

Now play it together to give Do-RE-MI & MI-RE-DO from the back

Examples of Alujo you can follow to play talking drum

Mi re do / Mi re do/re mi re mi re do/do do re do re re re re re/mi re do

It Means : Ma gbemi Moni koma gbemi / Onaofun ojegungun eja magbemi

Mi re do re re / Mi re do re re / Re re mi mi re re do mi re / mi re do re re /re re mi mi re re do mi re /mi re do re re

In yoruba it means "Dansaki Oba ore mimo lore re simi Dansaki Oba ore mimo lore re simi Dansaki Oba"

Re re mi re mi mi mi-RE Re mi re do do do-re mi do mi mi do re mi do-Mi mi mi re re

It means ati reni gbojule ati reni feyin ti onigbagbo duro ti jesu oduro gbanhin gbanhin

Another one : Akikitan eledumare oba tototo / Akikitan eledumare oba to to to/to to to/ yoto gbojule

Another : Eniti arope kolepago totun wa kole alarinrin,oro kanka leyi oro rabata

Download this audio below and sky will not be your limit

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Here is one of the talking drums video

How much is talking Drum?

It ranges from N7,000 to N12,000 ( Buy now )

what is the talking drum made of?

It consist of Osan,opa ilu,oju ilu and the hanging towel

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How to play the talking the talking drum


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  1. i have always loved to play talking drum,i got inspired by it through an individual in my church..its has this unique amazing sounds which gives you the ability to express yourself in rhythmic ways,i own two of this amazing piece to myself already but unfortunately i do not know how to fully reach its potential and it hurts me cos believe me i have tried thats why i stumbled on this article online in the first place please i need your help in anyways possible sent you an e.mail about this also..........thanks

  2. Comment: @ Opeyemi plz can I ave ur phone no, so we can talk more better or is their any whatsapp talking drum group

  3. do you organise a lesson or teaching center?

    i would love to attend. i will like to be added on the whatsapp group too


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