5 Things to consider before choosing a niche for your blog



What is a niche?

Niche in blogging is a category your blog contents are based on which most times may relate to your domain Name.
Example of niches are Technology,celebrity,education e.t.c,the worst mistake a blogger can make is to choose the wrong niche,you have to consider some factors when choosing a niche.

These are the things or factors to consider before choosing a niche

1.Do i really know anything about this Niche : Niche to blog on doesn't involve copying other bloggers,it depends on what you know.
For example now you know little things about Health but you know many about Technology and you decided to go for health,believe me you will suffer it later in future. BLOG ABOUT WHAT YOU KNOW AND LOVE"

Nairaland only

3.Can this niche permit other jobs offline? : There are some niches that doesn't support doing other jobs with it e.g. Celebrity,to blog on it one needs to be extra careful to avoid loosing your job.

4.Can i Make money with this niche : Believe me there are some niches you can't make money with in Nigeria though i won't site an example here, You have to ask web gurus about this niche if it is marketable. Infact Google Adsense doesn't support some niches sef.

5.Other people blogging on the niche,are they having nice SEO Ranking : This is another question to as yourself,Many Bloggers 80 % of their traffic come from SEO.

There is no way you can survive without seo,carry out research about the niche first to avoid bounce rate problem too.

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