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Frequently asked questions about Nairaland


What is Nairaland?

Nairaland is an online community which gives every citizens majorly Nigerians the opportunity to discuss more and enlighten another

Who is the owner of Nairaland?

The owner of nairaland is Mr Seun Osewa
Seun osewa is an Ogun state born Programmer,Webmaster and business man, he's the founder and owner of Nigeria and Africa's largest online Forum NAIRALAND the website was the most visited Nigerian and African Site untill 2015 according to Alexa ranking. Seun is a very successful online entrepreneur and a very private person.

When was Nairaland created?

It was created in the year 2005,a year after facebook was created

Who is lalasticlala?

He is a super moderator on Nairaland known majorly for stamping topics on Nairaland frontpgae

How old is Nairaland?

Nairaland as at now is 11 years old

How many category does Nairaland have?

Nairaland has 42 major categories and over 100 sub categories

How can i be a moderator on Nairaland?

when there is vacancy for the post of a moderator on Nairaland,seun used to announce it and any member can apply

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Is Nairaland a blog or a forum?

Nairaland is a forum

How did Alexa rank nairaland?

Nairaland is currently ranked as the 8th most visited website in Nigeria

What is the aim of Nairaland ?

The aim of Nairaland is to see to the progress of Nigeria and Africa at large by allowing users to create topics that suit their interest

Can i earn money on Nairaland?

Yes,through your signature

What is signature?

This a feature on nairaland that enable users to add a stable sentence that will be displayed throughout the forum when they create a topic or post reply

How can i bold words on Nairaland

Click here

Can i advertise on Nairaland?

Yes,click here

Can i send email to other Nairaland users?

Yes but you will have to wait for the person you are sending it to to reply

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