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2 Shadowsocks Server Website With 9mobile Free Browsing Tutorial

2 Shadowsocks Server Website With 9mobile Free Browsing Tutorial


2 Shadowsocks Server Website With 9mobile Free Browsing Tutorial

Shadowsocks is a secure web proxy, allowing free and unlimited internet connection. Shadowsocks is widely used to circumvent internet provider limitations and censorship. Today, we are going to look at two websites where we can get shadowsocks servers for free internet. When using Shadowsocks all your online activites are anonymous and cannot be tracked back to your physical device,Shadowsocks connection bypasses local goverment internet restrictions so that you always have full access to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and all the richness the internet has to offer.


This site offers free and premium servers, the free server is a 12 hour trial free shadowsocks server.  The premium servers are the best because they are paid for, some of them are worth as little as $3.80, here are some reasons why you should go for’s premium servers;

  • It is always on:  Keep Shadowsocks always connected, on all of your devices, no need to renew a session or manually reconfigure and reconnect.
  • Faster Servers: Shadowsocks Premium servers are lightning fast, about 20 times faster than free trial servers, located in US, Europe and ASIA.
  • Private connection: Use your own private Shadowsocks conection to the world, no more need to use shared servers that expose your internet traffic.


This software supported on most common devices like Windows/iPhone/iPad/Android/Macbook. There are only two steps to get it working. First, download and install it. Second, open it and scan QR image. Servers will be configured automatically. Then surfing any websites you like. Here is a tutorial on how to set-up shadowsocks using this site.

In Nigeria, shadowsocks works with 9mobile and there are lots of apps that you can use it for such as ShadowsocksHTTP injector – (SSH/Proxy/VPN) among others.

How to use HTTP injector Shadowsocks Tunnel For 9mobile Free Browsing

  • Download HTTP injector – (SSH/Proxy/VPN) from playstore;
  • Go to any of the sites mentioned above, in this case I’m going to use;
  • Go for any of the plans, in this case I’m going to use a free server;
  • Choose your Shadowsocks encrypted connection password, put any password that you can think of,click on “START A FREE TRIAL”;
  • A window should open showing you some details, if you check the right-hand side of the screen you should see some details which contains the Server, Port, Password and Encryption;
  • Copy the Server, Port, Password and Encryption somewhere and go to your HTTP injector – (SSH/Proxy/VPN) app and open it;
  • Click on the three lines at the top-left of your phone screen;
  • Click on “Shadowsocks Settings“;
  • You should see the Server, Port, Password and Encryption there, kindly input the details that you got from the site, go to the home page of the app, click on “Tunnel Type“, click on “Shadowsocks(Beta)“, tick on “Connect Via None(Directly)” and it shall  connect within seconds. You can use this settings which expires 12 hours from now ;

* Port: 44666.
* Password: Foxxtek.
* Encryption: AES-256-CFB

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