5 benefits of networking with other bloggers and their blogs


connecting with other bloggers and their blogs
It was on a glo
rious day when i was going through my Email spam folder when an upcoming blogger asked me this question :

"How can i increase my blog popularity?"
I told him to start networking with other bloggers blogging on thesame niche even listing the 5 benefits of connecting or networking with other bloggers and their blogs

He told me that it is a mere waste of time and i took my time to explain things to him but he still didn't yeild .
For my mind i don know say this man just dashed to blogging and he will dash out thesame way he dashed in

NO 1 blogging rule says you can't blog alone except you increase your offline branding

Right now,we are going to list the benefits of connecting with other bloggers and their blogs through the legal ways(Guest posting | Commenting on other blogs | Sponsor posts

#1.Dropping Comments on other blogs that accept bloglisting like techinfo increases popularity

Before i started blogging i always think those commenting on other blogs are just wasting their time. Commenting on other blogs has several uses like :

  • Increasing page rank
  • Increases traffic
  • Building better relationship
  • Blog Popularity

Those benefits i listed above can only occur if the blog enabled blog list.
For christ sake,am begging you please make sure your comments are sincere and spam free.

Note : We also accept guest post

#2.Increase blog traffic

When you connect with other bloggers and their blogs by contributing to their blog attendance,they will easily get magnetized to your blog .

Let me release a trick you don't know about blog networking

If you comment on wordpress blogs that enabled bloglist like this :
connecting with other bloggers and their blogs

Doing that your traffic will increase and not even from just ordinary viewers but pro bloggers

#3.Build stronger Relationship

I really enjoy those naija-US based lifestyle blogs,they connect with themselves and that's why you see them having 30 comments and above.

Building stronger relationship will easily increase your pagerank

#5.Increases do-folow links

There are blogs that make every hyperlinks in comments are "nofollow" but they are few so commenting on other pages will icrease page rank too

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