How to embed Twitter tweets in wordpress posts and pages


Many don't know they can embed Twitter tweets in wordpress posts and pages like this :

on their wordpress blog without installing any plugin or writing codes.

Here we are going to hint you about how to embed tweets inside your WP blog posts and pages

You can add twitter feed to your website manually by pasting in the code of the tweet you want it to to appear on your WordPress blog .

The single tweet will include the complete Twitter functionality like this :

which include

  • avatar
  • clickable name
  • Tweet
  • time it was tweeted
  • Follow button

It’s an easy task and very short and simple.

  • Simply go to the specific tweet you want to use
  • Copy the URL by clicking details in a format like this
  • "" without space or apostrophe

  • Paste it into your post or page on its own line
  • It must give something like this automatically

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  1. Awesome, i wish to see techinfo active like blazerwap.. wish can add blogger tutorial. there are many unanswered troubles in blogger...
    would have posted some but(i guess u understand)..
    wishing u the best bro!


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