Top 10 websites To use for Boosting Blog Traffic And Increase Earnings

    • Unique Content

Your content needs to be genuine and hasn't been published elsewhere because No body will like to read copyright content, especially if they have seen it elsewhere they won't come back to your blog...

    • Goal

Everything starts small, set the minimum of pageviews you want to have everyday.
When you achieve that you can then increase it..

    • Patience

A Rome wasn't built in a day.. Blogging is patient and it's not a means to get rich fast...
If you're talking its a fast-fast stuff then this post is not for you...

Top 10 Websites To Promote Your Blog..



Tytit is a very strong social network that can help promote your website.
Tytit is a good source that can increase your SEO rank and others...

Tytit is very straightforward, and goes with the caption"Share your story with a captivating tytle".

From my personal experience with tytit I can boldly say it's a good mean because I'm also using tytit ..
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Tytit allows you to create two different accounts...
You can create your brand account or personal shown in the image below..

Brand Account - This account is mostly for website/business owner who wants to advertise their product and increase traffic and earnings.
You can create your brand account for free...

Personal Account : As the name implies "personal" .
It's a account for your own self to mingle with peeps and share your own view..
Creatinq personal account is also free so you don't have to pay a dime.

How to can traffic from tytit?
Tytit is very easy, all you have to do is share something about your brand on tytit.
For example bloggers can share their blog post on tytit and get readers.
Same applies to other brands...
I advertise you start using tytit today!
Click and start improving your site traffic..


Fiverr is so special because you can do secured monetary transactions..

Here is how fiverr works. Fiverr allows you to share advertise your potentials..
For instance you're a Freelancer , you can share it to people all around the world using fiverr ...
You can decide to post on fiverr how much you write article and do clean business..

Also if you have eBooks or products you want to sell online you can place them on fiverr and get buyers..

You can sell or buy using fiverr ...
To get started you'll great an account and include your profession. just use images below incase you're lost..
That's all.

Try fiverr today



Wow here comes the giant of Africa!
Nairaland is the largest forum in Africa and it was created by a Nigerian.

Nairaland gained its popularity from Nigeria because it was created for Nigerians to discuss and share ideas but now Nairaland has emerged as the king of all forums in Africa and it's very active! You need to check it out!

I can boldly say I spend 20% of my day on Nairaland and the rest 80% is shared between blogging and and programming .
Spending such huge time on Nairaland has never been a waste!

Nairaland helped my increased my blogging potentials and my programming skills. In fact Nairaland is a forum you ought to be in.

You too can learn from Nairaland but that's not the reason for this topic because If want to talk about the goodness of Nairaland you'll spend a whole year reading it and it still won't end! Maybe I make it topic for another day...

Nairaland can be alot useful when it comes to advertising.
You won't have to stress your self when using Nairaland, just share your quality content and the traffic will come...
I strongly recommend you give Nairaland a try!!
NB- Nairaland also support paid advertising maybe you use it also!

Click you won't regret it.



Pinterest is another popular way to draw users to your site!

Let me share my personal experience with pinterest.
At first when I heard of pinterest I was like let me give it a try and it was amazing and I'll love you to try it.

One sweet thing about pinterest is that it allows you to create a board and pin your post on it..
Pinterest is a huge social site with bunch of ideas (yea I mean "bunch") and that's why their caption is " world catalogue of ideas" pinterest has much user which you can share ideas to!

? Pin it Today!!!



Here comes the world largest social network !
Facebook is a popular and also the world social network but many people don't know the huge traffic that could be gotten from facebook..

Facebook has nothing less than 1billion users so there's no point telling you that facebook can generate huge traffic for your website..

How to advertise using Facebook???

Paid facebook advertisement - you can advertise on facebook by paying for your post to be sponsored and also boost your page!
That's a very good way!

Facebook page this can be done by creating a facebook page for your site and invite users to like it.. It's a very cool way and you can pay for page promotion..

Personal account- very easy just share your website post to your facebook timeline!
NB- you can post on a friends timeline if the friend enabled it!

Groups- this can be achieved by sharing your post to facebook groups.

Comment- this is done by spamming friend post with advert for your site using comment box...
NB- You can easily get banned if you over do it!

Messaging friends -this can be a little stressful because you'll have to message your friends each and tell them about your site..there's is way to send messages to all your friends at once but can't reveal it here maybe you Email me if you want it..(Get my email from the contact page or use the contact form)

Google plus



Google plus is another social network owned by the giant Google..

It's very easy because can link it with your Gmail (google account).
Google plus is very large and you get huge traffic from it by sharing your blog post..
You'll definitely love google plus..

<h3>Warrior Forum </h3>


This is a marketing forum that allows users market their goods or services on different topics.

I think warrior forum is the largest forum world wide and it's a good way to advertise especially if your site is about a particular topic or niche.

You can share your site post to a particular section..
Just target according to what your site is about...
I'm also using warrior forum so I recommend!
Try warrior forum!

al Point


This is another great forum that allows you share your content and get huge traffic..
You can add links to your website..

Digital point has lots of active users and many categories..
Digital point has great numbers of active users so it will be good for marketing source...
Try Now!


Quora is a question and answer forum where you ask questions and share your views..
I think it's time you turn this to your own advantage since quora have millions of users..

Just sign up for quora and share your blog post to active users...
You can learn a lot and also share your 2cent.
Quora is easy to sign up because you can use your Google account and other social media account!
Don't take my word for it! Give it a try..
To sign up quora visit


Twitters is a very powerful social network that allows you share your tweets to millions of users world wide...

Twitter is a very good marketing site because it has more than 400million users .
Twitter is easy to use, all you need is to build up your followers..
Click below to visit Twitter..


I believe you'll enjoy the sites mentioned above!
And for Nairaland & Tytit I recommend you also try their paid adverts...
Just share your post regularly and you'll Thank Me Later!!

Thanks for reading!

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