5 ways to monetize or make money from a blog in Nigeria


Here is 5 ways to monetize or make money from a blog in Nigeria

It is the joy of every bloggers to make money online from their blogs but it is a pity many don't know the 5 ways to monetize their blogs.

On this same post we are going to disclose how to monetize a wordpress blog or monetize blogger in 2016/2017,recently we also publised a topic on how to create a blog : what you must know or how to create your blog for free on google.

To make money blogging in Nigeiria is not an easy thing at all,it requires hardworking and that's why we have many bloggers in Nigeria that aren't making money from their blogs in Nigeria because all they want to learn is how do bloggers get paid and not how to be a successful blogger.

If you have been running a blog you will agree with me that it is stressful and time consuming so making money online in Nigeria from a blog without paying to start is a better way to reward bloggers

Here are the 5 ways to monetize or make money from a blog in Nigeria

1.Google Adsense or using other Adnetworks:
The best way to monetize a blog or ways to make money with a blog in Nigeiria,Ghana kenya e.t.c. Is by using Adsense it is one of the Genuine ways to make money online

Adsense is an online advertising network financed by google that allow publishers(blog,forum or app owners) to make money from their blogs by displaying adverts without spending a dime,you can just earn money from google without investment

Adsense perhaps is the most popular way to make money in Nigeria.We already created hundreds of topics about adsense and "how to make money with google adsense step by step guide here"

2.Affiliate Marketing : Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing which a business company rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor they refer to them by paying them in cash. There are many affiliate companies in Nigeria like Qservers,jumia,konga e.t.c.

3.Sponsored posts : A sponsored post is the toughest way to make money from a blog in Nigeria because your blog must be a well known blog and your alexa ranking must be below 500,00.

Popular companies will sponsor a post on your blog and their website links will be included in the post in exchange you will be paid

4.Writing an ebook & promoting it on your blog : Everyone seems to be writing ebooks nowadays and even non-bloggers do but since you are a blogger you have a step ahead,it is one of the working ways to make money blogging without Adsense

Ops ! I forgot to define an ebook,An ebook is an acronym for electronic book and it is a book publication made available in digital form readable as text, images or other forms reliable on other electronic devices.

5.Products review : I have friends making up to $50 - $100 publishing product reviews,product review is the effective way to monetize a blog or forum. You will review products for well known companies and they will pay you

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