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How to start a blog in Nigeria : What you need to know

Do you want to start a blog and don't know how to start?
This post is for you...

Blogging has been a very lucrative business in Nigeria and this days there are too many blogs and that make blogging overcrowded.
Does it means you shouldn't start a blog since it's crowded? Hell no!

That's why I'm writing this article because I'll be showing you how to create a successful blog and everything you need to know when starting a blog even though the market is already crowded.. Blogging is not a way to get rich fast(don't get it twisted).

Also blogging ain't for lazy people because "You work hard, you play hard" It's good to know about blogging before starting it and this post will guide you towards creating a great blog..

what should i blog about ?

Blog about what you know

Without wasting much of our time lets get started on how to start a blog ....

Here are 5 Things To know and do Before Starting A Blog

1.Understand Blogging Concepts : What's the reason why you are aspiring to be a blogger and what do people blog about!

Below are some good reasons why people are into blogging !

•Share inspiration
•Teach people
•Motivate people
•Make People laugh
•Share latest news Etc

Before starting a blog think of how people will benefit from you not how you'll benefit from them though we will still teach about starting a blog for money .
After you have successfuly known how your blog will impact people then it's time to pick a Niche

2.The niche you want to choose for Blogging : Niche simply means choosing a particular field which you're good at and share to the world.
You might have decided to share inspiration to people but there are many ways to inspire people, so you have to choose a Niche where your inspiration will be focused at.

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You can decide to inspire them with the word of God then it's called a Niche... I created a topic recently on how to pick a blogging niche and I recommend you check it out!

Examples Of Popular Niches 1.Health

3.choosing a name and url : Choosing a name and url(domain name) for your blog is very important.
The name of your blog must tally with your niche .

Blog name should describe what the blog is all about. Take a look at my blog name Techinfo with extension without being told you'll know the blog is about technology.

Avoid blog names that doesn't describe what the blog is about. Imagine the name, you'll know the blog is about romance or related to romance but what if the blog is about technology.

Does it sound okay to you? Name is really important in every blog and please look for a name that suits your blog before starting... Learn how to purchase a custom domain name.. E.g by contacting

4.Choosing a blogging Platform :This is another interesting and important part in starting a blog. There are many platforms that allows you to create a blog.
Some of these platforms are free blogging platforms while some are paid

Example of blogging platforms and their pricing.
1.WordPress (Self hosted) .
Blogger (Free).
4.My Wap Blog(Free).
5.Tumblr(Free). Etc I used the term self-hosted and and free which I'll like to explain.

what's the meaning of Self Hosted wordpress ?:
You're totally in control of your content because you'll pay for your hosting.
Pros: You're totally In control and you don't need to be scared of someone shutting down your site.
Cons: You'll be spending money for hosting and maintenance.

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5Monetizing :It's advisable to know about monetization before you start your own blog... . Many people want to make money via blogging but don't know about monetization.
There are many ways to monetize your blog and I'll be listening some ways to do this..
2.Selling Ebooks. 3.Sponsor Contents.
4.Affiliate marketing

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