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Here is what to do when banned from adsense or account disabled

Google AdSense is an ad publishing service that allows you to monetize your website by displaying advertisements.

Google AdSense have been bloggers choice because itsthe highest paying ad-network and it very reliable and secured.

There are adsense alternatives though! But they are in no way close to the CPM you generate with AdSense..

These days Google AdSense is very strict and strongly consider the uniqueness of pages where ads are displayed on your site.
They take that very serious and if you don't abide with these rules we listed here you might be banned without a second thought When ads is displayed on a site, the site admin might appeal for a second chance after they might have fixed issues that lead to the ban. Google usually send out mail when an account is disabled. The mail contains the reasons and the policy that was violated though they send same mail to everybody, it can also contain pages that lead to the ban sometimes.

If you're banned by or from AdSense,these are the things you should do

It is not 100% guaranteed but definitely it will be useful(there's no harm in trying)

1.Know what made AdSense Ban you :some said "my adsense account was disabled because of invalid clicks" and he did't know the reason for why he was banned . That's funny 😛
You need to understand what made adsense ban you so that you can re adjust.

From my experience and research so far, I discovered AdSense can easily ban you for the reasons below.
These are the reasons why adsense may triger the ban even after and before approval :
•Duplicate Contents (Copy and paste from other site).
•Adult contents (porn, and related stuff).
•Spam Clicks (clicking ads yourself or asking friends to do).
•Linking to sites that violates their rules AdSense might ban you if you're linking readers to site that violates their rules. Etc

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You can also read AdSense Policy for tips that will help you to know about the "do's and dont's" of AdSense.

2.Correct your mistakes: : You can quickly correct the things that made Adsense disable your account . Those corrections might consists of the following listed below...

  • Formatting your entire blog : If you haven't given up on AdSense and your site have many duplicate contents then formatting your site may be best solution to recover your account..
  • You'll have to delete the pages, posts, contents that violated AdSense policy or you try editing it (if they're not worth deleting).

    You can decide to ask a professionals that understand basic AdSense policy like our admin to look at the site and offer better solutions .

3.Appeal : AdSense allows you to appeal after your site has been disabled.. This is interesting because there are possible chances that your account can be recovered..

To do this you've to use AdSense policy appeal form.
This requires your
=>publisher id
=>Affected site, issue id and
=>your name..

This message must state that you've repaired things that made them disapprove or disable your account...

4.Remove Links to any illegal website : As an AdSense publisher you're expected to avoid anything that will violates the rules of AdSense and a typical rule is Linking Your Site Reader To Other Site That Violates The Rules of adsense like porn posters ,illegal drugs e.t.c.

Example of an appeal Mail you canse send to adsense

Incase you don't know how to write mail about the AdSense apeal then use this professional example below...(please it's just an example don't copy and paste)

“ Hello AdSense Team, I have been an AdSense publisher for the past five years, and it has been one of the main monetization methods for my blog network.
I madee sure i follow all the rules and guidelines for AdSense. A couple of days back, I got an email stating that some of my content is violating AdSense TOS, and I removed the content immediately.

A week later I got another email stating that the AdSense ads were disabled for that particular site. I believe this is a mistake, as I have made all necessary changes as requested. I would like to have a second review of my issue, ID=#####, and I am willing to work closely with you to make any changes necessary to offer more value. Looking forward to your response sirs .
Regards, [Your name]"

I followed this step and my account was disabled so what?

Go for adsense alternatives then

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