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Differences between hosted and non-hosted Adsense account

There are no major differences between Hosted and non hosted adsense account, except that you can use the non-hosted with custom domain while the other one does not allow using with TLD's(Top level domain)

What is the Hosted Adsense Account?
A hosted Adsense account is a form of Google Adsense account in which publishers are allowed to use with Google hosted products e.g.(Youtube) only.

If you have a blog with custom domain like .com, .org, .ng .tv .gov etc or other apps not hosted by the giant Google, you aren't permitted to serve ads through the Adsense program.

Advantages of Hosted Adsense account 2017

  • It is easy to get approved
  • You can use it on youtube
  • You can convert it to non-hosted account later

Disadvantages of Hosted Adsense account

  • You can't use it with your self hosted blogs
  • It can easily be terminated

How can i differentiate between hosted and non hosted Adsense account?
You can easily distinguish or differentiate a hosted account from a non-hosted adsense account simply because 'Hosted Account' is boldly written in red at the top right hand corner of ever publisher dashboard of every Hosted Adsense accounts

What is a Non-Hosted Adsense Account? A non-hosted adsense account is an adsense account that can be used on any of your website.
We have two legal ways you can use to get a non-hosted account.
It is either you apply directly as a fresh publisher or you upgrade your hosted to a non-hosted account.

Advantages of non-hosted adsense account

  • You can use it on any website
  • A well set up control panel
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Disadvantages of Non-hosted Adsense account

  • It is not easy to get approved

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