5 reasons why many bloggers choosed blogger over wordpress


It is of no news again that we have many blogger bloggers in Nigeria,though i created a topic WordPress vs blogger but many aspirant bloggers want to know the main reason why many choosed blogger over self hosted wordpress.

These are the Reasons why many bloggers choosed blogger over wordpress in Nigeria

1.It is free : We all know it will be hard to maintain wordpress blog during this recession most especially those using premium plugins that requires renewal,with blogger you don't need need to start searching for host companies since blogger is free

2.You can test blogger blogs before you start lavishing money on it : This is one thing that is really superb for new bloggers since you have the opportunity to test and that's why we have many blogger blogs that doesn't even have owners again but you can't try that with self-hosted wordpress since you're counting down to another one year hosting sub

3.Lindaikeji and ogbonge are using it: One of the basic reasons why many ventured into using blogger was because those two popular bloggers use blogger platform,the mosy annoying thing is that many won't let you rest disturbing everywhere with "I need ogbonge Template"

4.Advertisment it has over WordPress : Since blogger is owned by the giant google,they have a step ahead over wordpress and they can use any medium to advertise their platform and even apart from that their users even help in expanding the advertisments

5.It is easy to customize : Every blogger users that haven't tried wordpress will think WordPress is easy to customize since they have plugins but believe me blogger is more easier to customize that wordpress,incase you don't know there isn't any wordpress plugin that doesn't have editor panel you can use to shape the plugin to your taste.

We have various things that are in built in blogger but in wordpress you will have to download plugins and even after downloading you must edit the code because the default look might not be appealing

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