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4 Adsense policies bloggers don't take serious

What are Adsense policies?
Adsense policies are the rules and guidelines stated by Adsense team everyone willing to be their publisher must follow inorder to get approved.

It is a pity many bloggers don't take those policies serious because of one thing or the other

Here are the adsense policies bloggers don't take serious

1.Contact us,About us and privacy policy : These are pages Adsense team ordered every site owners who want to be their publishers to create,seriously there are times when we think some adsense policies are strict but they are not,they are just to improve users experience and build bloggers.

To me even without adsense i don't think it is polite for any bloggers to omit create those pages

2.Other adnetworks aren't allowed: Put yourself in Larry and brin's (google founders) shoe,if you are the one controlling Adsense will you allow any competitor to ruin your business,all they did was just marketing strategy but it's a pity many don't understand them,they count it as selfishness.

3.Make sure you aren't promoting Hard drugs or porn related materials: Seriously i've always count the policy as a very stupid one but a deep thought proved me wrong,they are trying to promote decency.

Maybe they thought of a way to stop those illegal acts using the Giant Google search engine but it was fruitless since we have many bloggers doing that so they thought of a better way to eradicate it by implementing it in their policies which is also a very brilliant idea. Taking this policy serious by adhering won't cost you a dime

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5.Avoid copy and paste: Like i said earlier on, Google search engine want to change somethings about bloggers but they find it difficult using their search engine since there are many bloggers involved,we have thousands of bloggers into this copy and PASTE business so taking this policy serious will help

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