3 ways to encourage blog readers to share articles on social media


Encourage-social-media-sharing-blog-contents Social media sharing is a major factor to consider for your blog progress in such a way that it increases your SEO performance and traffic,not every blog readers love to share blog articles to their followers but these tips or ways will help.

Here are the 3 tips or ways to encourage your readers to share your blog contents i.e. Articles or blog posts on social media

1.Engage readers: Readers really love it when you carry them along with anything you are executing on your blog like asking for their opinion before changing your theme or templates will really make them feel so important to you which will increase your social media shares. Another awesome way to engage readers is by adding heart warming messages like :

  • Please don't leave without sharing
  • Don't be selfish share this should be used to encourage readers to share

2.Add nice share buttons or icons : We all love things that are pleasant and beautiful,adding share buttons like that of addThis plugin can easily get readers to share which will improve your SEO .

If you are using wordpress,we have awesome plugins that will boost your number of shares,you can search for that on google to get them without wasting much of your time
3.Put share buttons at the end of your posts not at the beginning: It is very bad for a blogger to put share buttons at the beginning of his or her posts,it isn't helpful at all. Blog readers can only share after reading not before reading and many of them don't scroll up again after reading,now tell me how will your shares increase?
I will advise any bloggers to put their share buttons at the end


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