7 ways to avoid Adsense ban after approval


Many complained to us that Adsense banned or disabled their accounts without a tangible Reason but i must assure you that there will always be a reason behind your ban.

As it’s getting harder to get an Adsense approval, so also it’s getting harder to even maintain it to some people and that's why we will give you the ways on how not to get your Adsense account banned .

Of course, lots of publishers know the google adsense rules and regulations that guide Adsense ads after approval but it is a pity many neglected those rules. Incase you don't know if your adsense was banned or not,you can use adsense banned checker. Google adsense account disabled, how to enable HERE

Probably you aren't aware there are some rules guiding adsense after approval :

Here are the things you must know to avoid Google Adsense ban i.e. 7 ways to avoid Adsense Ban

1.Don't click On your Adsense ads : : The worst offence a Publisher can commit is clicking on his or her Adverts,adsense Team will not even think twice if they detect a fraudulent click or you invite your friends to click on the adverts for you.

As we all know Adsense is a product of the giant Google inc ,they have various tools that can detect fraud easily so make sure you aren't clicking on your ads to avoiad instant Ban

2.Make sure you aren't displaying more than recquired adverts on a page : Incase you don't know,there are limits to the number of Adverts you can display on a page. Passing those limits will get your Adsense Account disabled without notice

3.Customizing your Adverts as if you are in a fine art class : Adsense doesn't expect you to customize any banner or text ads anymore so far you have been given the Html codes,you can only customize you Adverts with your control panel on Adsense Portal. Customizing your ads without proper care may get it disabled without notice

4.Linking to sites that distribute Illegal contents and copyright materials : This wasn't known to many until now,you must be aware about who your site is linking to. Make sure they aren't linking to websites promoting hard drugs or any other criminal acts. Incase you find one,make sure you cut it out

5.Avoid Organizing a Paid traffic to increase your clicks : Traffic is a vital tool to increase your adsense earning but you shouldn't go to the extent of buying,buying traffic to adsense is a fraud act so avoid it totally .
There are ways to boost your traffic like SEO,Forum e.g. Nairaland,guest posting e.t.c. And if that is not enough you shouldn't go to the extent of buying paid Traffic to increase your earning

6.Don't Bring in Numerous advertising networks apart from Adsense : Many misuse the opportunity Adsense gave to Publishers so that they can bring in publishers after approval but many misused it simply because they want to earn more.

Pls don't have it in mind that after approval you will flood your blog with 100 advertising networks,it is dangerous
Copying ad links to change send to friends : Many publishers started using fake trick like click here that will link to adsense ads or Click to see hot babes.That's an offence that may easily get any publisher Banned

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