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Benefits of using .NG Domain extension

Many mailed us that they wish to buy domain and they are confused to choose between .com and .ng probably from whogohost,well this article will let you choose better because am going to list the benefits or pros of using .ng domain extension

Here are the benefits of using .ng domain extension

1.Local Targeting Probably you don’t know S.e.o. Favour those using local extensions i.e. Their country’s main extension e.g. .ng,.co.za e.t.c.
Search engines use it to serve their users better,for example search for anything like BUHARI NIGERIAN .
The only way .com purchasers can beat .ng purchasers was if nigeria was included as part of the domain nairaland.com,naijatechguide.com.
Another sites without ng extension may not make it

2.National Honour and Pride : Who noticed that most organisations in the UK prefer .co.uk to .com ? It is a matter of loyalty to your nation. It is obvious that if we can get our own webmasters to use our own .ng extension, then, it will be awesome for our National pride.

3.Easily memorable :
Arguably .ng is the most memorable extension in Nigeria due to its shortness and the fact that ng is the shortest abbreviation for Nigeria.
It will be so easy for your users to remember

4.Webusers will easily know that it’s a Nigerian website : There will be no need for people to start using webmaster tools to check if it your website is for Nigerians or not,the extension already explained that

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