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How and ways to get your lost blog readers back


This is an awesome way to get back your blog readers

Most times we all have unexpected moments when blogging,sometimes hackers hack our blogs and we lost our blog readers and commenters.

It is really a very saddening event when we lost our readers due to the following reasons :

  • Hackers hack your blog
  • Search engines delete your blog
  • Domain name expire
  • Your blog engine e.g. Blogger,wordpress delete your blogs e.t.c. And other sort of unexpected happenings

Well i've arranged some solutions that can let you get them back

1.Email notification : Hopefully most bloggers request for email address when viewers comment,this is the best time to make use of those emails you collected.
You won't mind the time you may waste,you have to send them all an email to get them aware that your blog is back and remember that you must't go straight to the point when sending them emails.
You have to give them reasons why your blog was offline be it s.e.o. Problem or hacked,they also needs an apology so give to them and tell them it will never happen again though it may still happen unexpectedly

2.Write to improve your S.e.o:How many of you noticed this?
Anytime your blog is offline,google hide most of your backlinks and if the problem persist they remove the website/blog totally.
Many reader heard of your blog through search engines,if you can build your s.e.o. Back they may later see your backlinks and start following your blog again and the best way to achieve that is to improve and work on your s.e.o.

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3.Share your posts on social medias: Probably those readers you lost may be from social networks,you can track and get them back by sharing your posts using the share buttons.

4.Share your posts on onlime forums: Readers come from any angle,who knows your lost readers may be from online forums like Nairaland,xtremeloaded e.t.c. ,you can get them back by sharing your posts there and including your source


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